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What should I bring to my Criminal Defense Initial Consultation?

Updated: Feb 18

Criminal Defense consultations are critical to happen as soon as you know a charge is possible, probable, or imminent. We believe in this so much we offer free consultations.

Meeting with a lawyer prior to being charged provides you an opportunity to understand what next events may occur. Removing the fear of the unknown, we can begin predict what things need done. Just as the government seeks to preserve evidence early-on, so must the defense. We may task you with drafting a chronology of critical events, put you in contact with a bondsman, and/or draft an assertion of rights form for you to carry with you.

If you are coming to our office for an initial consultation, then we ask you bring the following documents with you, if you have received them already:

(1) Complaint or Indictment;

(2) Summons;

(3) Police Report from Incident;

(4) Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers of any Witnesses;

(5) Search Warrants;

(6) Bond Judgment Entries;

(7) List of any prior court cases, or prior counsel;

(8) Any exhibits or evidence in your possession.

There will always be other items we may need but these help immensely for us to begin strategizing your defense.



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