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Zachary Mayo, Esquire

Zach Mayo

Zach Mayo is an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a lengthy history of trials, dismissals, and not guilty verdicts for offenses of violence and sex offense.

With more than a decade of experience in the criminal defense world, he's quickly become the man to see for private criminal defense in the Delaware and Franklin counties. 

My Story

Zach D. Mayo is an asset to the team at Ohio Legal Group Columbus as a Criminal Defense
Attorney.  He studied at Capital University earning his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
Following completion, he continued his studies at Capital University to obtain his Juris

While working tirelessly on his Juris Doctorate, Zach accepted a position with The Law Office of
Brian Jones as a Law Clerk.  This position allowed him the ability to learn the ins and outs of the
criminal defense field while simultaneously completing his education.  After his graduation, the
office had no questions in offering him a position as an Associate Attorney after seeing his
dedication and passion for this field.

Zach exceeded all expectations in our office and had personal goals to grow and excel in his
career, and to obtain a vast wealth of mastery in Law.  After over 2 years with our office, Zach
made the decision to expand on his experience and take a position at the Public Defender’s
office to gain knowledge and a better understanding of Criminal Justice.

His time spent at the Public Defender’s office gave Zach additional perspective on his work and
presented him with the ability to look at cases from many different angles.  He is well-versed in
a multitude of case types and has built strong relationships as well as a strong reputation in his

Zach has achieved numerous not guilty verdicts and dismissals on cases from traffic tickets to
rape, all the way up to homicide charges.  His background has given him the advantage to testify
to the Ohio Legislature on criminal justice topics such as the violent offender registry as well as
the stand your ground law.

Not only is Zach a board member of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, but he
also holds a Membership Committee Chair.  Zach is licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio
and is actively working towards a federal licensure.

-Capital University Law School:  Juris Doctorate with Criminal Litigation Certificate
-Capital University: Bachelors Degree

Professional Associations
-Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; Board Member, Committee Chair

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