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John Evan Stevens, Investigator, Retired OSHP

J. Evan Stevens

Since 2023, Evan Stevens has been working to perform investigations and help making the Ohio Legal Group a first-rate local law firm whereat local lawyers will represent Ohioans in the primary areas of law that affect individuals, families, and small businesses.

He is our investigator with a long history of success having retired from the Ohio State Highway Patrol as a Sergeant and Post supervisor, where he worked assessing and correcting the work of other highway patrolmen. 

My Story

Retired Sergeant J. Evan Stevens boasts an illustrious career spanning 12.5 years as a distinguished
veteran of the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and 20 ½ years in the military.

Mr. Stevens embarked upon his professional journey in 2003, commencing his service in the United
States Coast Guard.  His initial assignment led him to the United States Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay,
where he served as a Coast Guard Cutter Rescue Swimmer and received comprehensive training in
search and rescue and law enforcement.  Subsequently, he transitioned to Coast Guard Station Toledo,
where he achieved the status of a certified Federal Law Enforcement Officer, successfully completing
the rigorous Federal Law Enforcement Training Center curriculum.

During this phase, Mr. Stevens conducted a multitude of law enforcement boardings, showcasing an
unwavering focus on boating safety, apprehending impaired operators of vessels and facilitating
significant drug seizures.  Progressing in his journey, Mr. Stevens assumed the pivotal role of weapons
officer for the unit.  Upon concluding his active-duty tenure with the Coast Guard, Mr. Stevens
transitioned to the active reserve roster of Coast Guard Station Toledo, where he maintained his
dedication to helping others.

During this period, he began the process of acquiring his  OPOTA  certification at Owens Community
College in 2009. This training was short-lived, as Mr. Stevens reached a significant milestone and was
selected to participate in his training to be a trooper, in the 149th Academy Class of the Ohio State
Highway Patrol Training Academy in Columbus, Ohio.  Following his academy graduation, he commenced
his distinguished career as an Ohio State Trooper at the Norwalk Ohio State Highway Patrol Post.

In the year 2014, Mr. Stevens made a strategic decision to propel his military career trajectory by
embarking on a transition to the United States Air Force.  Where he assumed the role of an Occupational
Health Professional, which resulted in the acquisition of additional certifications, including those from
OSHA. In his safety role, he conducted comprehensive inspections of base facilities and to orchestrate
the implementation of robust safety protocols.

The year 2020 ushered in a transformative juncture in his military career, as Mr. Stevens embarked on a
transition to the Ohio Joint Operations Command Center, in Dublin, Ohio.  In this new capacity, he
assumed multifaceted responsibilities that demanded precision, discernment, and a keen sense of
strategic awareness.  A central aspect of his duties revolved around the vigilant monitoring of global
news, worldwide events and maintaining situational awareness and informed decision-making.  This also
included ensuring the highest ranking military officials in Ohio, were kept abreast of any developments
of significance.

A pivotal juncture in Mr. Stevens; highway patrol trajectory arrived after only just three years of
experience, when he was chosen as a Field Training Officer.  In this role, he mentored and guided five
new troopers upon their successful graduation from the academy.

Mr. Stevens’ outstanding contributions in operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) enforcement
initiatives and noteworthy drug apprehensions earned him commendations and accolades.  Mr. Stevens'
pursuit of excellence led him to obtain Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE)
certification in June of 2012, further elevating his expertise in the field of OVI.  He further honed his
capabilities by attending the rigorous Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) School from February 2016 to

March 2016, subsequently earning his DRE certification following extensive in-class training and practical

Ascending the ranks, Mr. Stevens; dedication and leadership qualities culminated in his promotion to the rank of Sergeant in 2018.  This appointment saw him assuming the role of Assistant Post Commander at
the Bucyrus Post, wherein he undertook a dual responsibility of trooper duties alongside new
supervisory obligations such as overseeing post operations and personnel.  He later returned to his
previous post as Assistant Post Commander at the Norwalk Post, shouldering the pivotal responsibilities
of overseeing the evidence locker, crashes, case management, warrants, and training initiatives.
Mr. Stevens conceived and orchestrated the development of an educational program titled "Recognizing
Impairing Drugs."   This innovative initiative was geared towards enlightening local businesses,
educational institutions, and other agencies on the nuances of identifying impairment in employees,
students, and individuals they may encounter.  The curriculum also encompassed insights into
recognizing commonly used drugs and fostering precautionary measures in the event of exposure.  Mr.
Stevens illustrious journey culminated with his retirement from The Ohio State Highway Patrol in
August of 2021, a decision necessitated by an on-duty injury and his honorable retirement from the US
Armed Forces with 20 1⁄2 years in 2022.

Presently, Mr. Stevens serves as our investigator and case analyst here at Ohio Legal Group, specializing
in comprehensive case reviews on behalf of our distinguished team of attorneys, where he continues his
commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.  In this capacity, Mr.
Stevens is entrusted with the critical responsibility of meticulously dissecting complex legal cases.  His
role extends beyond conventional analysis, as he adeptly navigates intricate legal landscapes to uncover
nuanced details and insights that contribute to the formulation of informed legal strategies.  Mr. Stevens'
quick decisions and good judgements in case review is a vital asset to the Ohio Legal Group, serving to
ensure our clients are afforded their opportunity in the courtroom to seek justice for those who have
been wronged criminally and civilly.

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