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In Ohio, there are many criminal offenses which fall under the general category of drug crimes.  The Ohio Legal Group is experienced in defending against such crimes, as many times the allegations can made long after evidence of innocence has dissipated. 

Our team of attorneys, investigator, and paralegals work to identify the possible ways evidence can be recovered to show innocence.  We have helped our clients through investigation of all available defenses regardless of the complexity -- for example, we've used cell phone analysis, polygraphs, video enhancement, audio enhancement, transcripts, as well as other tools.  

Setting an appointment with one of our experienced advocates is the fastest way to determine what can be done to prepare your drug case for trial or meet whatever goals you and your family may have.

What drug offenses does the Ohio Legal Group defend against?

The Ohio Legal Group attorneys are experienced in defending against all allegations of felony and misdemeanor possession, abuse, and trafficking in state, municipal, and federal courts.  

Specifically what drug offenses does the Ohio Legal Group defend?

If you are facing criminal charges related to drugs, you need to contact an Ohio Legal Group criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.


Even seemingly minor charges, like drug possession, can have major collateral consequences effecting licenses, education opportunities, and other ramifications on your life, if convicted.


The earlier an attorney gets involved, the more effectively he or she can begin investigating the charges and evidence to develop a strategy to eliminate or reduce your charges.

We have defended our clients against allegations of each of the following and more, and we've defended our clients in municipal courts, state courts, and federal courts:

R.C. 2925.02 Corrupting Another with Drugs, 

R.C. 2925.03 Trafficking, Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs,

R.C. 2925.11 Possession of Controlled Substances,

R.C. 2925.12 Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments, 

R.C. 2925.13 Permitting Drug Abuse, 

R.C. 2925.14 Illegal Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia,

R.C. 2925.141 Illegal Use or Possession of Marihuana Drug Paraphernalia,

R.C. 2925.22 Deception to Obtain a Dangerous Drug,

R.C. 2925.23 Illegal Processing of Drug Documents,

R.C. 2925.24 Tampering with Drugs,

and more....

We're here to help, so Contact Us to plan your defense today!

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