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Let's Work Together

The following services are those that are often needed by individuals, families, and small businesses, so our attorneys are trained to ensure they can provide the following services to solve your problems.

Other Services

Our attorneys can assist you with other services in addition to the primary services we offer.  Generally these service categories are first-steps for individuals, businesses, and families.

Estate Planning

We offer a basic estate planning package that provides the necessary documents for most individuals.  Our estate planning package is designed for individuals and couples to provide the fundamental documents required for a basic estate plan: (1) Last Will and Testament, (2) Living Will, (3) Financial Power of Attorney, and (4) a Health Care Power of Attorney.

New Business

We remove the complexity out of starting a business.  While we don't offer tax advice, we will find the structure that is best suited to your financial situation to protect against risk and manage relationships with others with whom you want to begin your business adventure.  


Individuals and small businesses often require custom contracts that allow the parties to structure the terms of business dealings and client relationships based upon specific concerns and lessons learned.  We often draft custom contracts for businesses from lawn mowing to rental agreements.

Civil Litigation

We often represent Plaintiffs and Defendants in civil litigation.  Whether it's breach of contract, a tort claim, or other wrong for which the law provides a remedy, our experience in pre-trial and jury trials makes us a formidable opponent prepared to protect your rights. 

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