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We are trial lawyers.


The Ohio Legal Group has more than forty (40) years experience in successfully defending individuals accused of criminal offenses in and around Marion, Ohio. 


We maintain a catalogue of lessons learned and we continue to innovate strategies to ensure our clients receive the best advice and solutions for their problems.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Sandusky and Marion.

Here to Guide You through the Criminal Procedure


After being charged with a crime, it is important to get in touch with our firm as soon as possible.  Regardless of how polite or optimistic the people talking with you might be, you need to understand that law enforcement and the government are not intent on helping you.  Instead, they are intent on incarcerating you.


Protect yourself by discussing your case with our team of trusted and experienced Sandusky and Marion criminal defense lawyers.

Contact us for your Free Consultation

We represent clients on all types of felonies, including sex offense allegations (for example: rape, gross sexual imposition, and sexual battery) and reduction of SORN registration requirements

It is most critical in these cases to secure defense counsel immediately to begin securing and preserving evidence.

Timely investigation that is protected by privilege and confidentiality is critical to determine the best way to protect the accused from what is oftentimes a life sentence.


We represent clients on all types of felonies, including crimes of violence (murder, felonious assault, battery, and aggravated assault). 

We regularly in federal, state, county, and municipal courts.

We have represented individuals accused of white collar crimes such as securities fraud, but we also regularly try cases such as drug possession and trafficking, patient abuse, theft, and other offenses.

Pre-Charge Counseling

It is not uncommon for individuals to know a charge or indictment is eminent.  We counsel individuals on what to expect, and give them documents, contacts, and a strategy, so they're prepared when officers come knocking. 


If the officers are knocking right now, we encourage you to exercise your right to remain silent and seek counsel immediately.


Our firm provides co-counsel services to other attorneys and law firms.  We believe in what we do, and so we often work to help others succeed when they need help in pre-trial negotiations, investigations, and jury trials.

We take a unique approach in pursuing these cases to ensure officers are held accountable for their performance as they often fail to provide proper instructions on the standard field sobriety tests, fail to maintain the breath testing equipment, and fail to maintain a proper record of their interactions. 


Click HERE to learn more about our OVI / DUI defense. 



Our firm has a long history of successfully representing individuals charged with misdemeanor offenses including OVI / DUI, Assault, Menacing, Improper Handing, CCW violations, improper handling, and Disorderly Conduct.


Generally, misdemeanors are brought in municipal courts.

If you're facing a misdemeanor charge, you still need a lawyer, as most misdemeanors still carry potential jail time and fines.

While traffic offenses are often looked at as minor problems, it's critical to consider what collateral consequences may be associated with them, too. 


It is not uncommon for it to affect employment, or too many offenses to cause a license suspension, or it to affect other rights if other charges have been brought against the client. 

While some individuals and some offenses may not be able to be sealed or expunged, it is important to speak with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers to discover your eligibility.

Our attorneys routinely file motions to seal and expunge throughout municipal and common pleas courts throughout Ohio.

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Can I Refuse an Interrogation by the Delaware Police?

Unless you are told otherwise by law enforcement, it is your right to leave a conversation with a police officer.

Our firm encourages people in this situation to be polite but firm in their refusal of a search or interview.  If you are told that you cannot leave, do not give out any specific information except basic identification of your name, address, date of birth, and social security number. 

You have the right to remain silent under the Ohio and U.S. Constitutions.  It is better to be silent than tell a lie.  While the police may lie to you, you may not lie to them.

Can I Refuse a Search by the Delaware Police?

In the absence of a warrant, you should decline any request to be searched by law enforcement.  While you may believe you have nothing to hide, oftentimes citizens do not know what exactly is legal or illegal, and further, it is not uncommon for ownership of items to be imputed regardless of whether you know about them.

What Happens after an Arrest?


After an arrest, indictment, or complaint, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. These are typically the beginning of your case and it’s important to start out on the right foot.

After an arrest, the criminal procedure typically includes the following:

  • Arraignment & Bond Hearing:  The charges against you will be read in open court and you will have the opportunity to plea Not Guilty, argue for reasonable bail, and request a pretrial and preliminary hearing.  It’s important to dress in conservative, professional clothing for this appearance and to be polite to everyone you meet.

  • Preliminary Hearing:  In this formal court hearing, the government must prove that a felony crime was probably committed and that the Accused was probably the person who committed the crime.  This is a valuable time for you and your legal team to learn about the evidence against you and create a strategy.

  • Pretrial:  During pretrials, your lawyer, the judge, and the prosecutor discuss logistics and issues concerning your case.  They may discuss issues such as length of trial, motions pending, motions anticipated to be filed, discovery problems and other procedural matters.  You must attend this, and, again, it is important to dress in your best clothes and make a good impression.

  • Discovery:  Your attorney must request and the government must provide all the evidence against you.  During this phase, your attorney can meet with experts, investigate further, and interview more people to attempt to weaken the government’s case.

  • Motion Hearings: In some cases, your attorney may make requests of the court by filing a motion on your behalf. These requests could be suppressing evidence that was obtained unconstitutionally or other matters that could greatly affect your case. Your attendance is necessary, and you should dress your best!

  • Trial: This is your opportunity to tell your story before the judge and jury. Your attorney will cross-examine the opposition’s evidence and then present your case. The jury will decide the outcome of your case. Remember to arrive at least 15 minutes early, make sure you look clean and presentable and wear your best clothes.

  • Sentencing, Post-Trial, and Appeals: The judge now decides on your sentence and, with counsel, puts together a timeline for the full restoration of your rights. In some cases, your attorney may think it appropriate to appeal your case and review potentially faulty decisions and procedures in previous stages of your case.

The Ohio Legal Group Approach


Although no firm can guarantee a specific outcome in a case, our Delaware criminal defense attorneys have developed a strategy for handling our clients’ cases that has been proven successful time and time again.

Throughout your case, you can expect that we accomplish the following:

  • Initial Consultation with you to determine the factual background and your goals;

  • Obtain discovery from the government;

  • Interview as many witnesses as we can contact; 

  • Go over the crime scene and investigate even the smallest details;

  • Review the police procedure and look for flaws on their side; and

  • Innovate defenses that are tailored to your case needs. 

In addition, we often bring in experts or call to have independent examinations done if we feel that it would be beneficial to the outcome of your case.

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