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Jessica Dillon Compton

Since 2021, Jessica Compton has been working with the firm to assist in our family law and personal injury practice areas.  She is a local lawyers dedicated to representing Ohioans in the primary areas of law that affect individuals, families, and small businesses.

She is a trial lawyer with a history of success in family law trials and personal injury cases. 

My Story

Mrs. Jessica Compton originally joined the firm as an associate attorney to assist in the expediting and expanding of family law matters and personal injury cases.  Mrs. Compton most regularly works as an accident attorney and divorce attorney.


Mrs. Compton has been practicing since 2006, and she has been with the firm since it was Bailey Legal Group joining us in 2021.  

Prior to joining the Ohio Legal Group, Ms. Compton worked doing exclusively civil work for personal injury firms of Kisling, Nestico, and Redick as well as Ritter, Robinson, McCready & James, Ltd. in Toledo, Ohio.

Prior to that, she spent a couple years self-employed as a local practitioner in Erie County, Ohio.  Having spent the time immediately after law school in Cleveland, where Ms. Compton worked for several years for Elk & Elk and Bonezzi, Switzer, Polito, and Perry Co., L.P.A.


Mrs. Compton graduated law school from Cleveland State University, School of Law, receiving her Juris Doctor.  Prior to that, she obtained her Bachelor’s in Political Science and Public Administration from Ohio University.

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