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We offer a basic estate planning package that provides the necessary documents for most individuals.  Our estate planning package is designed for individuals and couples to provide the fundamental documents required for a basic estate plan: (1) Last Will and Testament, (2) Living Will, (3) Financial Power of Attorney, and (4) a Health Care Power of Attorney.

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What estate planning steps do we represent clients on?

We take the complexities out of estate planning. 
Our clients don't require an expensive complicated solution, but require a simple strategy that addresses  their assets, avoids taxes, avoids litigations, and protects their family. 

Estate Planning Strategy

Our strategy is to ensure you have certain critical documents to ensure your family knows your wishes, gives flexibility, but also identifies ways to avoid the probate process and expense.

Avoidance of Probate:  Everyone has certain assets that can either go through the expense of probate or with a little simple planning can be passed along.  We remind our clients of how to be prepared and avoid the expense of probate. 

Last Will and Testament.  Your last will and testament advises your family after passing of how you wanted your assets distributed depending upon as many contingencies as can be predicted.  Sometimes that involves helping non-family members and sometimes it involves helping protect family members from themselves.

Living Will.  The living will advises your family of what your desires are for sustainment of healthcare based upon several predictable contingencies. 

Health Care Power of Attorney.  The health care power of attorney will give you the ability to grant a family member the power to make decisions for you in accordance with your living will in the absence of your ability to make those decisions.

Financial Power of Attorney.  The power of attorney is a powerful financial necessity for every family, whether you merely need to be able to cash your spouse's paycheck or even sell real estate and manage brokerage accounts. 

We attempt to move as quickly as possible and sometimes documents are required the same-day.  Contact us to let us know your needs, so we can help you today!

Contact us for your Free Consultation

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